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Sisodia aristocrat Garden and Palace could be a palace garden half dozen kilometres  from Jaipur town in of Rajasthan state in Asian nationit absolutely was engineered by prince Sawai Jai Singh II in 1779. The place consists of layer multi-level gardens with fountains, watercourses and painted pavilions. A double storied palace occupies the highest terrace of the garden. The palace has several galleries, pavilions and exquisite muralsportrayal scenes from the lifetime of lord avatar. The palace lies on JAipur Agara main road.
The palace garden derives its name, Sisodia aristocrat Garden and Palace, from the aristocrat for whom it absolutely was engineered. She hailed from the Sisodia line of Suryavanshi Rajputs, WHOdominated and currently nominally rule the region of Mewar in Rajasthan.
The palace was featured within the 1991 Indian film "[Lamhe]", because the home of actor [Anil Kapoor]'s character Viren. [Rambagh Palace], close to Jaipur, additionally served an equivalent operate. The film's song "Mohe Chedo Naa", pictured on actor [Sridevi]'s character Pallavi, was recorded at the palace also.


Kanak Vrindavan may be a garden in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. it's inbuilt a natural depression encircledby Aravali hills and is found on the thanks to the Amer Fort at all-time low of the Nahargarh hill. The place is approx eight kilometre north of the Jaipur town.The garden advanced has several near holidaymakerattractions because the Amer fort Palace, Jaigarh fort and Nahargarh fort in conjunction with several lush leaf. The garden was coined by Kachchwaha Hindu maharajah Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur, more or less 275 years past, at the time once the advanced was engineered. It includes term 'Vrindavan' because the garden resembles the descriptions of a the place, wherever God Sri avatar had performed MahaRaas close to Mathura, and word Kanak came from Maharaja’s one amongst the maharanee Kanakde.This garden is compared to the natural depression of Vrindavan and also the maharajah, consecrated Associate in Nursing idol of Sri avatar in a very temple within the Kanak Vrindavan natural depression known as the Shri Govind Deoji Parisar. The garden contains a temple, a series of fountains and complicated marble decorations. it's managed by the govt. of Rajasthan. The Kanak Vrindavan natural depression advanced was engineered more or less 275 years past by maharajahSawai Jai Singh of Jaipur. This lovelyleaf crammed natural depression is encircled by the Aravalli hills and sometimes aforementioned to fit the Vrindavan; the place wherever Lord avatar enjoyed the Maharaas with Gopis. The Kanak Vrindavan natural depression was engineered for diversion and recreation of maharaneeand also the maharajahin line with some individuals the maharajah planned for Associate in NursingAshvamedha Yagna and created arrangement of waters from sacred rivers to gather here. A Lord avatar Temple named Govind Deoji was conjointly engineered round the same time.


The Vidyadhar garden may be a pristine garden placed within the heart of Jaipur. one in all Jaipur's best-preserved gardens, this picturesque garden is esthetically designed and was inbuilt the memory of Jaipur's chiefcreator, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya. aside from the crystal waters, the tranquil lakes, flower beds and well-maintained gardens, the Vidyadhar Garden incorporates a heap to supplysnuggled within the lap of a well-likeddepression in Jaipur, the garden offers a bird's eye view of town and is that the pride of Jaipur's seriousheritage and culture. The garden was strategically designed to the decrees of the traditional 'Shilpa Shasthra' and issettled near the Sisodia gardens. The garden is that the good integration of latest Hindu and Mughal designswith its tremendous, sylvan lakes, terraced lawns, fountains and also the majestic pavilions that house Lord Krishna's murals and paintings. Managed by the govt of Rajasthan, the Vidyadhar Garden may be a immenseexpanse of imperial design and dazzling leaf.
The Vidyadhar garden is one in all the best-preserved gardens in Jaipur and is additionally the pride of town. The garden was inbuilt the memory of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, UN agency was the creator of the 'Pink City' of Jaipur. As a chief creator to prince Sawai Man Singh, the creator was better-known for his styles, elaborate design and also the quickness with that he may produce visual wonders. The garden, inbuilt 1988, was designed in line with the traditional texts of the 'Shilpa Shastra', the traditional Indian line of design that Vidyadhar usedwhereas coming up with town of Jaipur. The garden was believed to possess been a vinerysettled within theneighborhood of the Sisodia gardens.


Science Park, placed in Shastri Nagar colony of Jaipur, may be a unambiguously developed park by the department of Science & Technology associated is contact of an approximate space of 3 acres. The aim of the park is to unfoldscientific and technical awareness among students especially by providing sensible approach and direct involvement.the most attractions at the Science park embrace Interactive Exhibits, Mineral Section, Energy Park, houseTechnology, Life Size theropodmeteorologic instrumentality, Puppet Theater, outdoors Theater, etc. Itconjointly has indoor galleries- Fun Science, IT, etc for general public.


Central Park, made by the Jaipur Development Authority is that the largest park in Jaipur. common is found, as its name counselwithin the centre of Jaipur town. Having an enormous lush inexperienced lovely garden and Rambagh Polo Ground and golf club near makes it an ideal pleasurable place in Jaipur. common Gardenadditionally includes a long five kilometer cardiopulmonary exercise and walking track that is that the best place for several Jaipurites for walking and cardiopulmonary exercisecommon is additionally a bird watchers paradise as variety of migratory and native birds visit it around the year.
Central park additionally includes a 206 feet high initial day and night monumental flag with the flag of twenty eight feet wide and seventy two feet long. This flag appearance brilliant once high voltage lightweight fallsthereon at the hours of darkness time. it's the tallest flag of the country.
Musical fountain, temple and stone states ar a number of the attractions within the common, Jaipur.
Central Park is found within the heart of Jaipur town close to the sculpture Circle and Dr. Ambedkar sculpture.

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