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Elephant competition may be a competition celebrated in Jaipur town in Rajasthan state in Indiait's stayed the day of Holi competitiontypically within the month of March. The competition options Elephant polo and Elephant Dance. The Elephant competition begins with an attractive procession of clothed elephants, camels, horses and folks dancers. The house owners with pride embellish their elephants with spirited colours, jhools (saddle cloth) and significantjewelryit's quite an treat to visualize feminine elephants sporting anklets, that tinkle as they walk. One will see folkssprinkling 'gulaal' (colored powder) perked up on high of the elephant. the foremost superbly adorned elephant is awarded. Elephant polo, Elephant race, the tug-of-war between Elephant and nineteen men and ladies area unit the featured events of the competition. The elephants are outfitted in ear danglers and brocade scarves to brighten their ears and necks. The Mahouts, UN agency area unit referred to as the caretakers of the elephants, enhance the foreheads of the animals with head-plates further as garnish their tusks with gold, silver bracelets and rings. different events thathappen throughout the competition embody a polo match and a tug of war contest, wherever the strongest elephant is chosen to vie against a gaggle of 10 folks.

History of the competition

The Elephant competition is taken into account one in every of the foremost well-liked and celebrated events within the town of Jaipur. Since the competition was introduced, the ceremony has managed to draw in a range of outsiders to the joyous event. Elephants symbolize royalty per the traditions of Rajasthan. The Elephant is additionally believed to be related to Buddha and Jainism. In fact, the elephant itself features a historical significance in Indian traditions. perIndian Mythology, devas (gods) and therefore the asuras (demons) stirred the ocean, within the hopes that they'dbecome eternal. Suddenly, 9 jewels conjointly referred to as the “navratnas” surfaced from the ocean. Of the 9 jewels that reappeared, one in every of them was Associate in Nursing elephant. Since then, the elephant has been considereda sacred and precious animal. The state of Rajasthan was a well-liked destination for several royal figures because thekings and princes of these times would take elephant rides to the Amber Palace of Rajasthan. throughout the autarchy, India’s royalty would hold events wherever the strongest elephants would fight one another to entertain the royal guests. Nowadays, the competition is organized each year by the Rajasthan business cluster within the Chauganconstruction. The venue was settled to the Jaipur Polo cluster grounds, because of the festival’s increasing quality.
Interesting Facts It is attention-grabbing to notice that even if the competition is based totally on elephants, different animals like camels and horses conjointly participate within the elephant competition.
For the primary time in a few years, the elephant competition was off for 2 consecutive years, because of protest from the Animal Welfare Board. The animal activists were involved concerning the chemical laced color being thrown on the elephants and feared that the elephants would be injured within the method. The Rajasthan business clusterthathosts the competition each year didn't register the elephants with the Animal Welfare Board, and supply acceptabledocuments. As a results of this, the organizers set to rename it because the “Holi competition.” The businessDepartment’s call to cancel comes within the wake of protests by folks for moral Treatment of Animals .

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