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The Hindu temple Govind Dev Malaysia Militant Group is placed in Jaipur in Rajasthan state of India. it's placed within the town Palace complicated. The temple is devoted to Govind Dev Malaysia Militant Group (Lord Krishna).This temple is among the seven temples of Thakur of Vrindavan as well as Sri Radhavallabh Malaysia Militant Group, Shri Bankey Sanskritic language Malaysia Militant Group, Shri Govind Dev Malaysia Militant Group and 4 others. The image of the immortal (murti) was brought from Vrindavan here by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founding father of Jaipur. And this temple was designed by mugal badshah Akabar.According to in style legend, Lord Krishna's image within the temple appearance specifically like Krishna's type throughout his incarnation on Earth.
The immortal originally belonged to Srila Rupa Goswami UN agency was a devotee of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.According to the legend, the Image of Lord Govind Devji was also called "Bajrakrit"- indicating thereby that it was created by Bajranabh – The Great Grand Son of Lord Krishna. Some 5,000 years back when Shri Bajranabh was around 13 years old, he asked his Grand Mother (daughter-in-law of Lord Krishna) as to how Lord Shri Krishna looked like; Then He made an image as per the description given by her. She however, said that not all but the feet of that image looked like those of Lord Shri Krishna. He made another image, yet she said that the Chest looked like that of Lord Shri Krishna. Thereafter, He made the Third Image and looking at the same she veiled her face as a show of modesty, and remarked that the face of the deity was exactly like that of Lord Sri Krishna.The first one came to be known as "Govind Devji".
The second one was called as Lord "Gopinathji" and the Third One, the likeness of Krishna is LORD "Madan Mohanji". With passing of ages the glories of the Indian Culture were being forgotten and the sands of time kept piling up. along with each alternative issue these pious divine pictures were conjointly lost from the reminiscences of individuals. Some five hundred years agone, legend has it that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu asked one in every of his disciples to excavate the idol of Govinda, that had been buried there to shield it from the Mughal marauders.For Vaishnavites, significantly followers of Lord avatar, this is often one in every of the foremost necessary temples outside Vrindavan.'Aartis' and 'Bhog' area unit offered seven times every day, once the immortal is undraped for 'Darshan'. Thousands of devotees visit the temple daily and a good larger range visit throughout Janmashtami.

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Hawa Mahal (English translation: "Palace of Winds" or "Palace of the Breeze") could be a palace in Jaipur, India, therefore named as a result of it had been primarily a high screen wall engineered therefore the girls of the royal unit may observe street festivals whereas unseen from the skin. created of red and pink arenaceous rock, the palace sits on the sting of the town Palace, and extends to the zenana, or women's chambers.The structure was in-built 1799 by maharajah Sawai Pratap Singh. He was therefore intimidated and galvanized by distinctive structure of Khetri Mahal and he engineered the grand and historical Hawa Mahal. it had been designed by Lal Chand Ustad within the type of the crown of Krishna, the Hindu god. Its distinctive five-storey exterior is love the honeycomb of a beehive with its 953 little windows known as jharokhas adorned with convoluted framing. the first intention of the lattice was to permit royal girls to look at lifestyle within the street below while not being seen, since that they had to adjust strict "purdah" (face cover).
The lattice conjointly permits cool air from the Venturi impact (doctor breeze) through the convoluted pattern, air-con the complete space throughout the high temperatures in summers.In 2006, restoration and renovation works on the Mahal were undertaken, once a spot of fifty years, to offer a face elevate to the monument at associate degree calculable value of Rs 4568 million. the company sector Lententide a hand to preserve the historical monuments of Jaipur and therefore the unit investment trust of Asian country has adopted Hawa Mahal to take care of it.The palace is associate degree extended a part of a large complicated. The stone-carved screens, little casements and arched roofs area unit a number of the options of this well-liked holidaymaker spot. The monument conjointly has exquisitely sculpturesque hanging cornices. Like many alternative monuments of Jaipur, the palace is additionally created mistreatment arenaceous rock.
The palace could be a five-storey pyramidical formed monument that rises fifty feet (15 m) from its high base. the highest 3 floors of the structure have a dimension of 1 area breadth whereas the primary and second floors have patios before of them. The front elevation, as seen from the road, is sort of a honeycomb internet of a beehive, engineered with little portholes. every porthole has miniature windows and sliced arenaceous rock grills, finials and domes. It offers the looks of a mass of semi-octagonal bays, giving the monument its distinctive fa├žade. The inner face on the rear facet of the building consists of need-based chambers engineered with pillars and corridors with lowest ornamentation, and reach up to the highest floor. the inside of the Mahal has been represented as "having rooms of various colored marbles, mitigated by adorned  panels or gilding; whereas fountains adorn the centre of the courtyard".

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Kanak Vrindavan is a garden in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. It is in-built a valley enclosed by Aravali hills and is found on the thanks to the Amer Fort at the lowest of the Nahargarh hill. The place is approx 8 kilometer north of the Jaipur town. The garden complex is having several close tourer attractions because the Amer fort Palace, Jaigarh fort and Nahargarh fort along with scores of lush leafage. The garden was coined by Kachchwaha Rajput prince Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur, approximately 275 years agone, at the time when the complicated was designed. It includes term 'Vrindavan' as the garden resembles the descriptions of the place, where God Sri Krishna had performed MahaRaas close to Mathura, and word Kanak came from Maharaja’s one of the Maharani Kanakde.
This garden is compared to the valley of Vrindavan and the prince, consecrated an idol of Sri Krishna in a temple within the Kanak Vrindavan depression known as the Shri Govind Deoji Parisar. The garden has a temple, a series of fountains and intricate marble decorations. It is managed by the Government of Rajasthan.The Kanak Vrindavan Valley Complex was built approximately 275 years ago by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur. This beautiful, greenery filled valley is surrounded by the Aravalli hills and often said to resemble the Vrindavan; the place where Lord Krishna enjoyed the Maharaas with Gopis. The Kanak Vrindavan Valley was built for entertainment and recreation of Maharani and the Maharaja.
According to some people the Maharaja planned for an Ashvamedha Yagna and made arrangement of waters from sacred rivers to collect here. A Lord Krishna Temple named Govind Deoji was also built around the same time. The Kanak Vrindavan Garden is a beautifully constructed and chosen spot located in the valley of the Nahargarh hills, and is lushed by unique trees. It is full of trees and lawns, decorated with intricate 'chhatris', exquisite mirror and 'jali' work on the walls of the Govind Deoji temple, along with a support of a series of fountains. The main garden is divided into eight sections, and is having a main fountain called 'Parikrama', carved out of a single marble slab.
Temple Garbha Griha is also placed inside the temple parisar (complex) and is decorated with delicate 'panni' work. These all season green gardens at the depression supply a smart read of Jaipur and different close attractions in the main Amer Fort and therefore the Dharbawati watercourse. The scenery has been used a number of times in several movie industry films, such as Lamhe (1991). Some nearby attractions include: Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, Elephant Park, Nahargarh fort and Jaigarh Fort.