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Jal Mahal

                                                                       Jal Mahal
Jal Mahal (meaning "Water Palace") may be a palace within the middle of the person Sagar Lake in Jaipur town, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, India. The palace and also the lake around it were restored and enlarged within the eighteenth century by maharajah Jai Singh II of Amber.
The Jal Mahal palace is AN bailiwick showcase of the Hindu kind of design (common in Rajasthan) on a grand scale. The building features a picturesque read of the lake itself however attributable to its seclusion from land is equally the main target of a viewpoint from the person Sagar Dam on the japanese facet of the lake before of the scene of the encircling Nahargarh ("tiger-abode") hills. 

The palace, inbuilt red arenaceous rock, may be a 5 storied building, of that four floors stay underwater once the lake is full and also the high floor is exposed. One rectangular Chhatri on the roof is of the geographic region sort. The chhatris on the four corners area unit polygonal shape. The palace had suffered subsidence within the past and additionally partial flowing (plasterwork and wall injury resembling rising damp) as a result of waterlogging, that are repaired below a restoration project of the govt of Rajasthan. The hills encompassing the lake space, towards the north east of Jaipur, have stone rock formations (with a skinny layer of soil cover), that is a component of Aravalli hills vary. Rock exposures on the surface in some components of the project space have additionally been used for constructing buildings. From the north east, the Kanak Vrindavan vale, wherever a temple advanced sits, the hills slope gently towards the lake edge. among the lake space, the bottom space is created of a thick mantle of soil, blown sand and alluvial deposit. Forest uncovering, notably within the rough  areas, has caused erosion, combined by wind and water action. as a result of this, silt designed up within the lake incrementally raises the lake bottom. On the terrace of the palace, a garden was designed with arched passages. 

At every corner of this palace semi-octagonal towers were designed with a sublime cupola.The restoration works of the first 2000s weren't satisfactory ANd an knowledgeable within the field of comparable bailiwick restoration works of Rajasthan palaces rigorously examined the styles that might decipher the originally existing styles on the walls, when removing the recent plaster work. supported this finding, restoration works were re-done with ancient materials for application – the plaster consists of a part organic material: a mortar mixture of lime, sand and surkhi mixed with carbohydrate, guggal and methi (cummins) powder. it absolutely was additionally noticed  that there was hardly any water flowing, aside from somewhat moistness, within the floors below the water level. however the first garden, that existed on the terrace had been lost. Now, a replacement terrace is being created supported an identical garden of the Amer palace.

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