Thursday, 12 May 2016

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According to the legend, the Image of Lord Govind Devji was also known as "Bajrakrit"- indicating thereby that it was created by Bajranabh – the good Grand Son of Lord Krishna.  Shri Bajranabh was around , he asked his Grand Mother (daughter-in-law of Lord Krishna) as to how Lord Shri Krishna looked like; Then He created a picture as per the outline given by her. She however, said that not all however the feet of that image gave the impression of those of Lord Shri Krishna. He made another image, yet she aforesaid that the Chest looked like that of Lord Shri Krishna. Thereafter, He made the Third Image and wanting at a similar she veiled her face as a show of modesty, and remarked that the image was an precise likeness of Krishna.

The first one came to be referred to as "Madan Mohanji". The second one was called as Lord "GOPI NATHJI" and also the Third One, the likeness of Krishna is LORD "GOVIND DEVJI". With passing of ages the glories of the Indian Culture were being forgotten and the sands of your time kept pillar up. Together with each alternative factor these pious divine pictures were additionally lost from the reminiscences of individuals. Some 500 years past, legend has it that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu asked one of his disciples to excavate the idol of Govinda, which had been buried there to shield it from the Mughal marauders.

For Vaishnavites, particularly followers of Lord Krishna, this is one in every of the foremost important temples .

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